HKLTI Online Logo finalThe HKLTI Online Training Centre is the dedicated arm of the Hong Kong Legal Training Institute focusing on offering virtual training and hybrid training utilizing online technology to enable greater number of participants to benefit from the  comprehensive, highly practical, and immersive learning outcomes.

This is the future dimension of training and learning.

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With the experienced team in organizing such training with live and videoed webinars, hybrid events and international online conferences, flexibility in meeting training needs may be fully tapped on for these uprising modes.

This is the future dimension of training and learning.

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Note: HKLTI reserves the rights when necessary, to cancel or to change the logistics and the delivery, including the visiting lecturer(s), content, date, time, venue and/or mode of delivery for the training.  Specifically, hybrid training may be changed to be delivered (if not cancelled) by webinar mode only and/or vice versa, depending on the circumstances.